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“Oh, so beautiful!” His voice was getting a squeaky state. “HARRICA! I came here a few days ago. You started to sit on the wheelchair. You can do it, you can do it, up to it!” It can do it! ” Paul said, “so,” he said. “I creep over my broken legs with my broken legs.” Annie’s face had that land expression again. Cliffing Capkara, which is hidden under the flowering broats. Annie Wilkes has been lost, his place has received the Queen of Bourka. The woman whispered to “sly on my cunning, Paul,”. “Well, Annie needs to act cleverly of one of us. And you can’t do so much of it. If you stop a moment,” “How many times?” “Three.” “To get the first-time medicine.” “Yes. Novril capsules.” “So.” “For the third time to fill the jug.” “Yeah, Annie. The start is turning it so …” “Once the medicine, once food and once for water.” “Yes, I told you.” Paul wanted to yell but but it could make a slight noise that looks like a carganine. He pulled out the butcher blade in the pocket of the female hand again. The sharp mouth of the blade was pml-heered in the morning in the morning. Annie suddenly

turned the blade by turning to the left. The side of a player of a circus is the side indifferently but with the fatal elegance. The blade triumph shivered under the picture of jewelry, stubbing on the wall. 256 Sadist “I have examined the bottom of the bed before you do the OP-front. I thought I was going to find the capsules. I thought I was going to find the capsules. I was undertaking this blade. But you didn’t put the knife on the bottom of the bed. Paul did not answer. The head turns out like an atlikannca, which has been out of control in an amusement park. OP-front needle? Annie said so? Op-front. ? “Suddenly he decided that the woman’s knife pulls him out of the wall.” Oh no, you didn’t hide the blade there, Paul. You once did the medicine, once you eat food and the water for the water once. If this knife … Oh came by flying in the air and gents under the bed. Yeah, it’s necessarily. “Annie has taken a laugh at the treble. OP-front. Dear tannm, said,” Annie said, “Annie said. How many times did you date the room? “” Well! Well! When I went to the pitcher to fill the water, I also got that blade! I’m on the way! If you think it means I’m out of the room several times more, so be it! Did you say, you say, get a beat! Twenty, fifty, face? If that’s what you’re in, OK! So be it! I’m on the way. If you think you think it’s so much, Annie! “Paul is” OP-fronted because of the dizziness and anger given by a moment of sleeping. Hidden in the word “.” He wanted to tell the woman so much that he wanted to tell the woman very much.

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To fill the missing letters in appearance. But in fact … “find the head”. Had to do that. Because this is a passion for Annie. Chapter section shows that movies. Yes. At the end we return to them. Annie is the last few months in the last few months, not only Saturdays are going to the cinema every day. The brother of the brother that leads him to the cinema is Paul! The duration of the duration of the duration, while the polling was milding heavy, the duration of the elongation has been launched. He was a bit of the old residency … but in the end he didn’t write enough to meet the requests of An-Nie. That was in the way. The necessity of the solemnity of the man has caused Paul to lose the cossession at the end. Yeah, Annie also, he had been able to live. While he wasn’t the woman would have already killed him and himself. The incident of the finger of Paul was terrible but it was funny to a care. Be a little sarcastic, Paul. This is good for your blood. And the situation could be much worse. Don’t forget that too. For example, Annie could cut your sexual organ! Paul said, “I have only one of this,” in the Boccy room, he started laughing with laughter in front of the writing machine that he hated with their missing. Both the stomach, both the cut-off the wrist, laughed, laughed. Laughed until the head is ascing. And at some point, laughter has turned into horrible dry hickins. Even the residue of the law of the left hand caused him to be feast. And Paul but then he could go to shut up. The stupid stupid, I wonder how much I stayed wild. But it didn’t matter this is probably. 9 “Headpiece Surgery” shortly before Annie entered Paul’s room. Maybe this time wasn’t even a week. The job has filled the huge rough vanilla ice cream. In addition, a tin deno287 Stephen King Lata Sauce, ready Cream, and a jar of a jar has brought Maraskin. The cherries that are red as red in the heart were swimming like samples of biology.

Annie, “I saw us ‘Sandi’, Paul said,” Paul said. The sound was unnecessarily none of the way. Paul has never been to the house of the woman’s sound tone and the endowned expression in their eyes. These looks, “I’m a naughty girl,” he seemed to say. His is that he has been very promoted to Paul. Immediately attached a prudent attitude. While the woman’s stepping on the ladder of the ladder, he was not difficult at his face as such an expression on his face. Paul, “Oh, thank you Annie,” he muttered. The woman of the woman was spraying the sauce on the ice cream and the cream of the cumulus clouds that are resembling the cumulus clouds. Annie has done these works with a long-term enthusiastic who has a person who has an enthusiastic person. “You don’t need to thank you. You deserved it. You work so much.” She has stretched Paul ‘Sandi SHE. After the third bite, he started to love the inside of the man but he continued to eat ‘Sandi. Such is more wise. This was one of the basic rules of the life on the west slope with beautiful views.

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Then he took it to the kitchen. Paul sat quietly with a steno book in the knee. Finished the last big notebook one night before. I was listening to Annie. The woman repeated what they told Davud with Callud four days ago. Paul, these people clearly harass the woman, he thought. Although Annie Wilkes hurts a little hurts, he was very shaken and had fun. The police of the Sidewinder who asked the most questions, “If you’re in the way you can call your lawyer,” he started. Annie says he just repeated his story. Paul noticed that he has changed his narration. The guys stayed in the kitchen in the kitchen. One of the ends towards the end, he wanted to learn what the ugly scratches on the forehead to Annie.

The woman, “I did myself at night,” he replied. “I’ve seen a bad dream.” The police asked. “How was a dream?” Annie said, “I have seen me in my dreams after all this time-I have seen me and started to come here,” he said. After the men went to woman came to Paul’s room. The face was similar to the kneading of the dough. Such as ill and faded. 354 Sadist Paul, “This place has started to resemble Grand Central Ganna,” he said. But Annie wasn’t laughing. “How much is it more?” Paul looked at a stack of paper and on the top of the paper he wrote in the typewriter in an instant. Then he turned again to Annie. “The day’s day … or three.” “They will come next time they will arrive at the hands in hands next time,” he explained. And Paul went out of the room without responding. 34 Annie came to the room of Paul on twelve of ten nights. “I should have to bed an hour ago, Paul.” The writer, which is immersed to the story, raised the relevant aspect. Geoffrey, who had the main protagonist of the novel, he has been caring in that disgusting moment, and the Misery was supposed to be warping to death. Paul said, “not important,” he said. “Lying a little later. Sometimes I need to write a collar immediately immediately. Or I forget.” She waved his hand. The fingering was tired, throbbing. In the finger of the business, there was a big way where the pen is based on. Side water collected, seemed to be side candidance. There were capsules of Paul, they would have passed the pain. But then the head was blurry. The woman is softly, “You think the novel is very nice?” She asked SHE. “Really nice. The book isn’t just writing for me anymore.” 355 Stephen King Paul said, “Oh, No,”. A moment asked to say to the other ways. I have never written this book for you, Annie. Or the letters of the letters, “your number one fan,” for people in the signature. The moment you start writing is all those people away from you, they go to the other end of the galaxy. I haven’t written romancing for old blood, my mother or dad. Yes, the authors writhe a way that specifies that the book-lan is devoted to someone. The reason for this is that the selfishness is evoked horizontal even in them. But to the woman to say such things would be unfriendly. Paul wrote until it is disassembled. Then he slept four hours by throwing himself on the bed.

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.. You’ll burn then, Paulie … You’ll burn like a cheerline! This would be a nice idea for a story. But it wasn’t as to the work in real life. If he had never tasted the white powder, Paul would still not be able to afford the danger. A safe way was not counted. As there is no precise method. The game wasn’t at all. This was the life of Pa-ul. Their mind comes with the ideas, it was more quickly denied. Could become a heavy heavyweight on the door. (Sure was the first incoming machine to the mind.) Annie was either dying or fainting. A wire could come to a step of the ladder. Annie’s foot was worn … but these two methods were defective. As in the Novril plan involved in the ice cream. The Underline was not sure, could not be sure of the result. If he can’t start the killing Annie, he couldn’t think it will come to the beginning. While the Second night is pressing the dark at night, misery was still connecting the same uniform. The mensions of the sound opening and closing the sound of the wind and did not wait for a rusty door237 Stephen King. But the number one cow has shut up. With Paul’s endness, I wonder if the poor animal’s breast is exploded, he thought. Did the ġ dies from blood loss? In front of a moment, he worked in the middle of the dead cow in the middle of a pudding of milk and blood. Then, “don’t make my foolish,” he said. “The ġneklet doesn’t die the form …” but there was still indecision in his voice. The fact that the corners didn’t know they didn’t die. Also the main problem was not cow. A single result is coming out of all those fancy ideas. You want to kill the woman remotely. You don’t want Annie’s blood to the hand of your hand. You, a thick

You’re like a steak but look like someone who couldn’t stand even for an hour in the slaughterhouse. But listen, Paulie. Sok in your head thoroughly: Even if there is no time, you have to accept the fact that at the point of his life. Leave so fancy, but also planned. Okay? OK. Paul went to the kitchen with a wheelchair. Opened their pull until the stabbing is available in a row. Returned to his room by choosing a longest butcher blade. An intermediate pause and deleted the marks of the axle cap in the frame of the door. But the tracks he left while commuting were more apparent. Not important. Noticed that before. Next he doesn’t realize. Paul climbed on the bed by leaving the knife on the nightstand. Then pick up the knife and pushed under the bed. When Annie is back I will ask him a glass of beautiful, cold water. I will stroke the knife to the throat when it bowed to me to drink water. This is not an ornate, but a plan. 238 Sadist Paul fell asleep by closing their eyes. The jeep didn’t hear the morning when it comes quietly in the morning. Annie has turned off both the engine and extinguished the farlan. Paul did not feel any way until the injection needle to the arm of BA-TINCA. Then suddenly woke up. 21 Paul thought she was dreaming about the novel first. This darkness … Bourka was cavelan in the rear of the giant head made of the moment of the moment.

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3.2.2. Household spending structure and indebtedness status is determined by many factors such as the expenditure structure of the household, ie in which goods and services will lead to real income, expectations, habits and traditions. In a stable economy, the benefit of the beneficial expectations of the household related to the future will be encouraging in consumption. Again, the decline in the general level of the prices will be able to increase the expenditure to higher goods and services by creating an increase in the real income of the household. The results of the TURKSTATE HEEK BUDGET SURVEY SURVEY SURVEY OF HEEKEALKES are presented in Table-11. According to the table, the weighted share in spending between 2006-2009 belongs to housing and rent expenditures. Tabo-11: Household Expendions Years 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2009 2006 2007 2008 2009% 28.9 27.9 27.1 Clothing, Shoes 6.2 5.9 5.9 5.4 5.1 Housing and Rent 25.9 27.2 28.9 29.1 28.2 Furniture, Home Appliances 6.8 6.2 5.9 5.8 6.2 Health 2.2 2.2 2.4 1.9 1.9 Transportation, Communication 16.9 17.3 15.6 18.5 17.8 Entertainment, Culture 2.5 2.1 2.1 2.5 2.6 Decoration 1.9 2.1 2.5 2.0 1.9 Diner, Hotels 4.4 4.2 4.5 4.4 5.2 Other 4.1 4.0 4.5 4.1 4.0 4.1 4.0 4.1 4.1 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 Source: TURKSTAT .

43 In recent years, the share of expenditures to services, which are higher in the services such as entertainment, culture, restaurants and hotels, while the share of expenditures to services are generally increased, while the share of education expenditures has fallen. The household will need a financing from the outside when it cannot afford their expenditures with their current income and savings. It can also meet the need for financing, as well as various financial institutions. The more greater the need of household financing, the more they will be the more their obligations. The liabilities of the household within the period 2005-2010 are given in Table-12. Table-12: Household Financial Requirements Billion TL 2005 2005 2006 2007 2005 2006 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Consumer Loans 29.7 48.0 68.9 85.2 97.4 132.7 Credit Card Debit Balance 7.5 10.7 12.6 14.7 19.1 23.2 Consumer Finance Companies Given $ 1.4 1.7 1.6 1.7 2.9 Individual Financial Leasing – 0.5 0.9 1.0 60.0 84.1 102.0 60.0 84.1 102.5 118.9 159.4 Source: BRSA, Financial Markets Report March 2011. Data in the table in the table with banks, participation banks and consumer loans used by consumer financing companies are used for these loans with delayed receivables, installment credit card debt balances and allocated delayed credits are gross figures including credit card receivables. The credit card debt balance consists of the credit card receivables with an installment credit card debt balance.

Loading to the 44 households’ obligations, it is seen that there are approximately 300% of TL to TL.4 billion from 2005 and 300%. In order to determine if this increase in the liabilities constitute a risk for the household, it is necessary to see the ratio of household obligations to their assets.

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Turkey will produce more, Turkish farmers also more accident-hatchet. I care about this visit to one of the world’s largest agricultural economies. What you have on them, we are also missing; With such visits, we find the opportunity to develop, analyze and go to our projects, model projects. In developed countries, the world’s most important agricultural economies and the manufacturer’s production requirements and EKONO-MIC status, access to the agricultural industry’s access, technological industry, technological developments, technological developments, production organizations and structures of the agricultural industry, and we do not cause these developments, and we do not cause these developments. We are motivated for new investment and pro-jeries. Our technical team has not had the opportunity to see any of these travelers from this trip to the shopping centers, canyons or historical monuments. they all turned their heads to Turkey by the project. We are all returned to urea-tim bands, october fields, farms, feed rations, laboratory studies, gigantic technological investments in our memory. In Konya, we spent the ME-SA-SA in factories, in the fields, the difference was the opportunity to recognize the following innovations and new organizations. Now we are trying to create the implementation projects for the country agriculture, Turkish farmers and agricultural industry. what we see, what we have learned the truth will blend with turkey and we’ll create a project-s harness. Turkey’s closing the difference between the advanced economies and Turkey open new production areas with new investments for farmers to produce more of the by-GIZ. It produces more and produce more. We have new projects and we turned around to produce by producing new investments. ” “The issues that are the issues of the Turkish agriculture sector are the discussions over the SO-NUCKs, and according to me, the Pan-Cobirlik General President of the Pan-Cobirlik said, as well as the DEFA, also continued its dating; “We have tremendous production potential and we should produce richness from that potential. Turkey will produce more, Turkish farmers will gain more. I care about this visit to one of the largest agricultural economies in the world. What you have on them, we are also missing; With such visits, we find the opportunity to develop projects, model projects that will remove, analyze and remove our weakness. “

20, such as diesel, such as diesel, is a matter of fact that production inputs such as fertilizer is expensive in our country and the production costs are impact. But this is a matter of a day and a communiqué. Today, we may not like the prices described in support of supporting today, but it is also a subject that can satisfy everyone in a budget period, a ministers board can be taken care of the land-r. However, there are issues of Turkish agriculture, there are also issues to be solved, there are distances needed. We will climb the top rows between the agricultural economies when our cathet-taster. These work trips are not only to build more several fabri-ka more, and we do not make a few investment projects to develop more, see the views of the country to the whole of the country’s agriculture.

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3 s. 11 s. 1 art. 251 of the Russian Federation Tax Code, a foreign organization of the transfer is completed with the provision that the income specified in this sub paragraph is determined by the tax base for income tax. The location of the transferring organization is not included in the list states and regions of the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance. 1 second. 3 arts. 284 of the Russian Federation Tax Code.

According to paragraphs. 1 second. 3 arts. The Russian Federation of the Tax Code approved the list of the States and regions that represent a preferential tax regime of the Russian Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of Russia and provides a preferential tax regime for taxation and providing information when financial transactions are made (on sea ​​zones).

Please note that according to the 3rd of art. 3 of the federal law dated by the federal law dated 20.04.2014 3 N 81-F1 January 2015, 3 differences in the taxpayer before the taxpayer are taken into account in order to tax the institution earnings as determined before the date of the determined law. For this reason, the new accounting rules apply to the amounts that occur in relation to the transactions carried out as of 1 January 2015.

The total difference of the transactions before 01.01.2015 in the accounting for sorestinal tax was clarified after 01.01.2015. In the letter of the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance, the Russian Federation is not determined to use the term “transaction” for the N 03-03-06 / 1 / 17387Vergi of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

Corporate, concepts and other branches of the Russian Federation legislation used in the law of the Russian Federation of Article 11 of Article 11 of the Tax Act of the Tax Law is applied in the same sense. Used in these legislation branches, unless otherwise stated by the code.

Considering the above, in the sense that the Russian Federation is administered by the Tax Code, the Russian Federation is administered by the civil legislation of the Russian Federation and the legal entities that the procedures are considered as the actions of citizens and to establish civil rights and obligations (153 of the Russian Federation of the Federation of the Russian Federation). . Substance).

For this reason, for the transactions performed prior to January 1, 2015 after 1 January 2015, the organization must account for the income (expenses) of the organization (expenses) as of January 1, 2015. difference.

If the operations were made after 1 January 2015, the differences due to the re-valuation of damage and liabilities (from the devaluation) must be recognized as the exchange rate difference. At the same time, the Russian Federation announced that the Ministry of Finance should be paid and the receivable accounts should be redirected according to their date of origin.

Russia Ministry of Finance May 14, 2015 N 03-03-10 / 27647, N 81-FZ dated 20 April 2014 “second part of the Russian Federation Tax Code”

Russian Federal Tax Service was sent to NGD-4-3 / 11191, information and job with the letter of June 26, 2015.

N GD-4-3 / 6060 @ 20 in connection with the post dated 09.04.2015.

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(M. Kemal Atatürk) A. The exaggeration (stockpple), ABECE (alphabet), Abecsel (alphabetical), pain (suffering, elem of grief), painful (Mustarip), peated (fulfillment), pathetic (disastrous, hand, treasure), pathetic incident (facia), painfully (to mercy), pity (cruel), brutal (cruel, gaddar, mercy), pitiful (hand), pain (shabby), pain (rejection), pain loss (analgesia) to open (sharpener), greedy (haris), reveal (to disclose the poster), clearly (alenen), open session (panel), open shaped (obscene), open exposing (alenen), opening (alenen) Premiere, Uvertur), Opening (Key), AD (Noun), Nominated (Namzet), Badly (Kura), Bandwy (Taking Egg), Adyl (Pronoun), Name (Toward), Name (Network), Tree (Wood), Network (Poison, Toxin), Nightlife (Panzehir, Antidote), Hospitality (Catering), Weight (Shrink), Mouth (Sea), Network (Tragedy), Call (Tragic), Pain Relief (analgesic), mouth-broken (abusive), mouth crowded (carlatan), mouth tight (ketol), fuel (oil) Akbasma (cataract), current (current), laundering (fault), glitch (malfunction), annex (albino), transfer (Devret299

MEK), Transfer – Transfer- (Transfer, Transfer), Actor (Morality), Akyuvar (Leukocyte), Al (Red), Receiving (Capacity), Alan (challenge), Field of Field (Agorafobi) , alantopu (tennis), teasing (cortewages), sarcasm, alas (flame), alase (flame), humility (humble), low-spiral (dignzles), descending (dental), low (cheat, betrayal), non-minded, unregulated (lacqulex), perception, perceiver (perceptionist), perceiving (perceptionism), perceiving (client), receiving (client), pitch (ahmak), retain (to recover), Purchase (EDA), Purchasibility (Trade), Trading (Trade), Received (committed), receipt (SHAW), quote (İcıkas), receipt (mucadderat, Tecelli, fate), to receive ( Teati), accustomed (Course), accustomed (pcs), buying (trainee), applause (appreciation), Shopping Center (Shopping Center), Altuzgi (Receptor), Altuşlam (subway), moment (esna), mother father (parent), mother intermediate (continental), anacent (metropolis), anaconusal (Capital), Anamalist (capital, capitalist), Anamalism (capitalism), principal (Fund, Capital, Capital), Anasoy (Race), Anasoycu ( racist), anosoystery (racism), but (but, only, consisting of), Memorandum, memorial (memorandum), memorial (Amade), instant (remember), instant (remember) Simultaneous), an IMA (implied), monument (abide), monument (mozole), monumental (abidevi), translation (spirit. intelligence), meaning (mana, meal), understanding (appreciation), understanding (semantic), understanding (tenzih), meaningful (manal, manidar), meaningless (abes, manidar), meaningless (abes, manidar iliba), understood (Fasih), the agreeable (augment), the agreement (consensus), the agreement (dispute, ahark), disagreement (dispute), settling (liquidation), description, understand (to be familiar). , understanding (mind, mindset, trace), commemorating (abstinent), nominal (aft), unusually (suddenly), ant (Testament, oath), to drink (ahmber, 300

swear), treated (ayit, pact, antient), appanied (suddenly), intermediate (break, distance, weekm), caricity, carosis (focus), carosis (fencing), carosis (fencing), carosis (fencing) Nifak), agent (broker, means, simsar), mediated air (Commission), Tool Manav (Pharmized), Tool (Vehicles, Tools), Tools (Vesait), In a while (some, sometimes), intermediary (intermittent), intermittent (non-intermittent), intermediate selection (partial choice) ,.