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(M. Kemal Atatürk) A. The exaggeration (stockpple), ABECE (alphabet), Abecsel (alphabetical), pain (suffering, elem of grief), painful (Mustarip), peated (fulfillment), pathetic (disastrous, hand, treasure), pathetic incident (facia), painfully (to mercy), pity (cruel), brutal (cruel, gaddar, mercy), pitiful (hand), pain (shabby), pain (rejection), pain loss (analgesia) to open (sharpener), greedy (haris), reveal (to disclose the poster), clearly (alenen), open session (panel), open shaped (obscene), open exposing (alenen), opening (alenen) Premiere, Uvertur), Opening (Key), AD (Noun), Nominated (Namzet), Badly (Kura), Bandwy (Taking Egg), Adyl (Pronoun), Name (Toward), Name (Network), Tree (Wood), Network (Poison, Toxin), Nightlife (Panzehir, Antidote), Hospitality (Catering), Weight (Shrink), Mouth (Sea), Network (Tragedy), Call (Tragic), Pain Relief (analgesic), mouth-broken (abusive), mouth crowded (carlatan), mouth tight (ketol), fuel (oil) Akbasma (cataract), current (current), laundering (fault), glitch (malfunction), annex (albino), transfer (Devret299

MEK), Transfer – Transfer- (Transfer, Transfer), Actor (Morality), Akyuvar (Leukocyte), Al (Red), Receiving (Capacity), Alan (challenge), Field of Field (Agorafobi) , alantopu (tennis), teasing (cortewages), sarcasm, alas (flame), alase (flame), humility (humble), low-spiral (dignzles), descending (dental), low (cheat, betrayal), non-minded, unregulated (lacqulex), perception, perceiver (perceptionist), perceiving (perceptionism), perceiving (client), receiving (client), pitch (ahmak), retain (to recover), Purchase (EDA), Purchasibility (Trade), Trading (Trade), Received (committed), receipt (SHAW), quote (İcıkas), receipt (mucadderat, Tecelli, fate), to receive ( Teati), accustomed (Course), accustomed (pcs), buying (trainee), applause (appreciation), Shopping Center (Shopping Center), Altuzgi (Receptor), Altuşlam (subway), moment (esna), mother father (parent), mother intermediate (continental), anacent (metropolis), anaconusal (Capital), Anamalist (capital, capitalist), Anamalism (capitalism), principal (Fund, Capital, Capital), Anasoy (Race), Anasoycu ( racist), anosoystery (racism), but (but, only, consisting of), Memorandum, memorial (memorandum), memorial (Amade), instant (remember), instant (remember) Simultaneous), an IMA (implied), monument (abide), monument (mozole), monumental (abidevi), translation (spirit. intelligence), meaning (mana, meal), understanding (appreciation), understanding (semantic), understanding (tenzih), meaningful (manal, manidar), meaningless (abes, manidar), meaningless (abes, manidar iliba), understood (Fasih), the agreeable (augment), the agreement (consensus), the agreement (dispute, ahark), disagreement (dispute), settling (liquidation), description, understand (to be familiar). , understanding (mind, mindset, trace), commemorating (abstinent), nominal (aft), unusually (suddenly), ant (Testament, oath), to drink (ahmber, 300

swear), treated (ayit, pact, antient), appanied (suddenly), intermediate (break, distance, weekm), caricity, carosis (focus), carosis (fencing), carosis (fencing), carosis (fencing) Nifak), agent (broker, means, simsar), mediated air (Commission), Tool Manav (Pharmized), Tool (Vehicles, Tools), Tools (Vesait), In a while (some, sometimes), intermediary (intermittent), intermittent (non-intermittent), intermediate selection (partial choice) ,.

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