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I missed her. Their love had succumbed to the strain of all the negative publicity it had generated. She had run away, and was rejecting any kind of contact. Koffee was close to finishing his career as a prosecutor and, even if he hated to admit it, he would leave office under a cloud of suspicion. However, the execution of Drumm would mark his zenith, and would vindicate him; It would be a moment of splendor, one that the people of Slone would appreciate, at least the whites.

Members of the Flak Law Firm watched the concentration on the large-format television set up in the main meeting room. In the end, Robbie retired to his office with half a sandwich and a Diet Coke. The receptionist had neatly arranged a dozen papers with phone messages on the table. Those from Topeka caught his eye. There was something that was familiar to her. Forgetting the sandwich, he picked up the phone and called the Reverend Keith Schroeder’s cell phone.

“With Keith Schroeder, please,” she replied when someone came on the other end of the line.

– I’m Robbie Flak, a lawyer from Slone, Texas. I have received your message, and I believe that a few hours ago I saw an email from you.

“I have no time to waste, Keith, and something tells me this call is an absolute waste of time.”

Keith laid out the facts: his encounters with an anonymous prisoner on probation, his background investigation, his criminal record, his poor health, and everything he was able to cram in five minutes without interruption.

– Yes it worries me, but there is too much at stake. Also, I haven’t told you his name yet.

– He spent the night in a hospital. It came out on its own accord, and I’ve since lost track of it. In principle, you have to return to the re-integration house at six o’clock in the afternoon. I’ll go see it.

– Pastor, that man has no credibility. With this I cannot do anything. There is no where to catch it. Realize that these executions always attract nuts,

Keith. Last week two crazy people showed up: one said he knew where Nicole lives, which by the way is a stripper, and the other said that he had killed her in a satanic ritual. On the situation of the corpse, no idea. The first wanted money, and the second wanted to get out of jail in Arizona. Courts despise these last minute fantasies.

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